Electric and alternative-fuel bikes are the future of individual transportation not because of their fuel efficiency but because they are extremely cool. That’s right. Eco Planet India are the creators of eco-friendly electric motors used in motorcycles and are pushing the limits of their designs to make them desirable to a biking community that sees little difference between their (relatively) efficient gas engines and the new-fuel wave of alternatives. Riding bikes is all about the cool factor, so the crazier and more technologically advanced they get, the more people will want to ride them, clean fuel or not.

Gaze upon the alt-fuel bikes powered by Eco Planet’s electric motors are most likely to break the mold of motorcycle design in the near future.

Our Core Values

  • Human Company

We appreciate each individual’s contribution to our success, and we motivate our people through integrity, ethics and constant support in their personal development.

  • Teamwork

By working in teams, we bring together the best of knowledge, intelligence and skills to constantly improve our work and benefit our customers.

  • Leadership

To be the benchmark for customer relationships.

  • Innovation

New ideas and technologies guarantee the company’s existence. That’s why we encourage and support a climate of thinking beyond today.

  • Flexibility

We will always develop new efficient ways to respond to changing situations and fulfill customer needs.

  • Efficiency

Every day we work on making things better. All products, processes and developments are driven by improving efficiency.