Eco Planet’s expert team of engineers and industrial designers is proud to introduce a new generation of electric motors, Solar Panels, Solar Energy Power System, etc. With their sleek design, state-of-the-art engineering and superior speed and performance, these products provide unparalleled peak performance.

We have pushed the limits of cutting-edge design to create products that respect the environment without ever compromising style, speed or power. Because they electric, the products are quiet, clean, efficient, long-lasting performance and require next to no maintenance.

Try our products and experience the effortless handling, seamless full-throttle cornering, explosive acceleration and phenomenal torque that catapult our products into a league of their own. Built for people who love the thrill of the ride, our electric motor is the epitome of pure performance and power — the ultimate adrenalin rush.

With the support of our trusted partners, our expert team of engineers and industrial designers has developed a new generation of electric products with unique design and uncompromised performance.

With this, Eco-planet has realized it’s dream of becoming the first company in India to market electric motor that is not only environmentally friendly, but that offers unparalleled handling, power and speed. Our mission going forward is to continue to innovate and set an example as pioneers in the industry.

In addition to electric motors, we also provide sub-systems and design services for powerful, eco-efficient vehicles of various sizes. Visit our Technology section to learn more.

At Eco-Planet, we believe electric superbikes are the motorcycles of the future. That’s why we developed the electric motor that is eco-efficient without sacrificing speed, power or performance. With cutting-edge design, seamless handling, instant torque and cannon-like acceleration, our electric motor is a unique and exhilarates riding experience.

Because it is powered by electricity, you can save money on fuel costs and do your part for the environment by reducing harmful gas emissions. All you have to do is sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the thrill-filled ride of your life.

YOUNG Entrepreneur
Mr. Krunal Nanavati

Krunal Nanavati is the founder and CEO of Eco Planet which came into existence in 2013 as a reputed electric dealer firm. He is true Entrepreneur at heart and has achieved B.E. Mechanical degree from D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, Akurdi-Pune.

During his final year project, he worked on an electric bike and represented it in world’s first ever electric motorcycle racing –ISLE OF MAN,UK. In TTX-GP-2009, his team achieved 3rd position in open class and also represented TORQ INDIA. He again participated in TTX-GP-2010 UK Championship and came first at SNETTERTON.

From 2010-2012 he gained experience at AGNI MOTORS as project development manager and quality control department head.

YOUNG Entrepreneur Mr. Krunal Nanavati