Electric Kit

Electric Kit are highly-efficient permanent magnet D.C. Motors in India,light weight and high Performance.

Machine Shop

EcoPlanet Machine shop is a large multi-building facility that includes machining, fabrication, testings,and inventory centers.

Solar Systems

Ecoplanet Solar System are ecofriendly,high efficient,easy for installation ,and low maintanence.

Eco Planet’s expert team of engineers and industrial designers is proud to introduce a new generation of electric motors, Solar Panels, Solar Energy Power System, etc. With their sleek design, state-of-the-art engineering and superior speed and performance, these products provide unparalleled peak performance.

About Ecoplanet Surat Features


We have pushed the limits of cutting-edge design to create products that respect the environment without ever compromising style, speed or power. Because they electric, the products are quiet, clean, efficient, long-lasting performance and require next to no maintenance.

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